A Story of IVF

11 thoughts on “A Story of IVF”

  1. Girl. You know this got me! I am so overjoyed for you guys. I cracked up when you’re talking about people needing to STOP telling others to relax, yada yada! Ugh. And I know the feeling so well of dreading pregnancy tests and the disbelief turned into JOY when you finally get your good news. I loved this. I’m so happy to hear your journey. What hope this will bring to SO MANY people dealing with this in the quiet where no one knows. Can’t wait to see pictures when she is born and hear how your life has been forever changed by a little girl who was totally worth the wait.


    1. Thanks Shelley. Hearing your story of hope with Sawyer helped me so much in the waiting and I hope this does the same for others. Glad you relate on the whole “relax” issue. Haha. Just trying to spread the word. 🙂


  2. You are incredible. I think I am laugh-crying now for you guys and your sweet baby girl who is probably already understanding just a bit of how amazingly special you are. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am overjoyed!


  3. I am beyond happy for you two! I cried again reading your story and so happy that you get to be a mom. The first shot video brought back so many memories. I am not as eloquent as you so I will just say I love you guys and congratulations once again!


    1. Thanks Dianna. Love you so so much. I don’t know if I would have had the courage if it hadn’t been for you. All those talks we had, all the tears we shed. I love watching you be a mama to your precious girls and I can’t wait to join the parenting ranks with you soon.


  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing and I’m sorry for the years of pain. I’m so happy for you and Rami, and that’s amazing IVF was covered! Congrats and praying for a healthy baby!


  5. Laughing, crying! A co-worker just walked into my office to find me crying and I told her your story! Thank you so much for sharing it. Btw, my coworker serves in a healing ministry for sexually abused women and men and post-abortive women and men. I loved sharing with her that in Israel, bearing children has been deemed a citizens right.
    Oh yes, we can also relate to wanting to punch people in the face who told us to relax! Laughed out loud on that one. You are such a great writer.
    Can’t wait to meet your little girl.
    Love and peace!


    1. Thanks so much, Rob. I appreciate your kind words and love that you guys also have a beautiful story of waiting for children and are now raising 3 precious kids. Yay!! Life is so beautiful. Love and miss you all.


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