16 thoughts on “Home”

  1. You are an amazing person. I am so proud to call you my friend. I cried while reading this because you are an inspiration to me. I love and miss you, my friend!


  2. Hi,my goodness, Katie , Eitan and I are completely blown away by your elegant and eloquent piece. Your honesty and depth of perception about home and the human soul captures our hearts. Thank you so much for sharing yours with your friends. We love you


  3. Katie, I love to read these pieces of your heart this way. Thank you for sharing who you are!
    EXPECT great things this year 😊


  4. Kate-
    What a beautiful picture you’ve painted with your words! Having watched you grow up and grow into this experience, I am completely in awe of the depth of your insights. You have a level of self awareness that is rare in a woman your age. (I can’t believe I just typed the word “woman” when in my mind I’m still remembering that skinny little girl who performed dramatic musical productions with Lindy in front of our fireplace.☺️) It’s a joy to read how you are embracing this part of your journey. Thanks for sharing!


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