A Story of IVF

I’ve sat down at my computer several times over the last year and thought, “How will I write about this? If we are to get pregnant, how will I ever put into words what these 6 years have been like.” And I’m still not really sure.. so here goes. If you’ve known Rami and I … Continue reading A Story of IVF

Sallie Sue

Sallie Sue was a pistol. A bilingual native Texan raised on a cotton farm in El Paso with her sister, Linda. She had a baby chick named “Little Peep.” She was taught to be polished and well-mannered. She studied at Hardin-Simmons and loved Abilene, TX- the rodeos and driving downtown and a boy named Charlie. … Continue reading Sallie Sue


  What is home?    Home is the warmth I feel from the crook of Rami’s neck on the bridge of my nose when I can’t deal with the world.  It’s stifled laughter and exchanged looks between my brother, dad and I as my mom performs a spontaneous musical monologue about a loaf of bread. … Continue reading Home